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PBX Manager Support - FAQ

There are minimal prerequisites for running PBX Manager. Basically it will run on about any Linux distribution and any Asterisk version newer than V.1.0. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • How do I install PBX Manager?
    Donload a free copy of Webmin and install it, unless not already contained in your Linux distribution. Go to Webmin Configuration / Webmin Modules and install the PBX Manager software. We also have a complete Linux / Asterisk / PBX Manager Installation Guide that you can follow step by step to build your own VoIP Server from scratch.
  • Will PBX Manager run on the same box as Asterisk?
  • May I still edit and fine tune Asterisk config files?
    Yes, as long as you keep your hands off all entries that PBX Manager creates.
  • How do I connect Asterisk to my SIP Provider?
    Create a trunk with the name of your SIP provider and enter the information that he gave you. All SIP providers are able to tell you which parameters to set for use with Asterisk.
  • Is there an Online Demo?
    Yes, click here for managing a live demo system.
    User: demo, Password: insecure
  • Which Linux flavor should I choose?
    If you plan to use ISDN Cards with Asterisk, Suse 10 is the best choice, otherwise you could use Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or whatever you prefer. For best realtime performance do not install any graphical shell such as KDE or Gnome.
  • How do I install Linux and Asterisk??
    Based on Suse Linux 10 we have written a simple step by step Linux Installation Guide.
  • What are the minimum hardware requirements?
    For a very small system you should provide at least a 1 GHz Pentium box with 256 MB of RAM. For testing purposes even a slower processor will do.
  • Will PBX Manager work with the newest Asterisk version?
    Most likely. As of this writing, PBX Manager has been successfully tested with all Asterisk releases from Version 1.0 through 1.2.5.
  • Will you supply Updates and Bug Fixes?
    Within a period of 12 months after purchase you are entitled for free updates and bug fixes.
  • How do I install an update?
    Simply install the new version on top of the older version, your configuration will not be overwritten.
  • Where do I get support?
    Always consult the user manual that is automatically installed. You may search the PBX Manager Forum for solutions or post a new question. In addition all paid licenses come with free Email Support for a period of 90 days. We also offer paid email and telephone support in English and German language. Please inquire at info@geotek.de.
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