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Phonebook Tools

This is the main administration area of GEOTEK Phonebook, it can be protected against tampering by defining a password. There are a number of import and export functions, you may read in CSV files from other applications or import directly all SIP and IAX2 phones (extensions) that are known to Asterisk, including the defined name. This will work right out of the box, now matter how Asterisk actually gets its phones information, with nested configuration files (as in most environments) or even if they are dynamically loaded via an SQL server.

As a special feature it is possible to retrieve telephone numbers and user names online from your Micrsosoft Exchange Server, Windows 2003 Active Directory, Novell eDirectory (Netware NDS, Novell Open Enterprise Server), GroupWise, or any other LDAP directory. There is usually no need to modify your Exchange Server in any way for this to work!

It is possible to define as many LDAP sources as you like, with freely configurable queries and authentication credentials. Once defined, an import is done simply by selecting one of the sources via dropdown list. Before the actual import takes place, you have a chance to review the import candidates and manually de-select any entries not to be imported. For diagnostic purposes we have also included a LDAP debug function.

As with manual number entry, these imported numbers are automatically conditioned for use with click-to-dial and VoIP providers and stripped from non-dialable characters. Each LDAP user name may also me automatically prepended by the company name or some other string that helps to identify incoming callers, or that may even be used by Asterisk for further call processing.

During import there is also a duplicate number detection feature, that allows potential conflicts to be solved via mouse click.

Starting with Version 2.1 it is possible to upgrade the phone book software via Tools menu. Your existing configuration is automatically merged with the features of the new version.

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Phonebook View
Phonebook View

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Asterisk Phonebook Tools

PDA View (Pocket PC)
PDA View (Pocket PC)

PDA Voicemail View (Pocket PC)
PDA Voicemail View (PPC)

Trunk and Phone Status
Trunk and Phone Status

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Asterisk Mini Dialer

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