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Mobile Voicemail Screenshot

PDA Voicemail View

Most mobile devices use a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels (QVGA) which makes it very cumbersome to browse standard web sites because they are usually designed for viewing areas of 1024x768 px. To make things worse, most interactive Websites cannot be used with PDAs at all, because the Internet Explorer bundled with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 (Pocket PC 5) has only severely crippled JavaScript and W3C HTML support and does not even allow popup windows that may be necessary for data entry.

The GEOTEK Phonebook for Asterisk contains therefore specially designed PDA modes that make very efficient use of the limited viewing area and allows for ergonomically optimized data entry. You can search and sort your phone book entries (left screenshot), dial and hangup a phone connection, view the online CDR list with calling time and duration (right screenshot) and call back the person who has called (or the one who has taken the call) simply by clicking on the name or number.

Even if you do not intend to use VoIP from abroad, the ability to watch the calling activity in your office is often invaluable.

Program Features Overview...


Phonebook View
Phonebook View

Search Fields
Search Entry


Asterisk Phonebook Tools

PDA View (Pocket PC)
PDA View (Pocket PC)

PDA Voicemail View (Pocket PC)
PDA Voicemail View (PPC)

Trunk and Phone Status
Trunk and Phone Status

Asterisk Mini Dialer window
Asterisk Mini Dialer

User Manual

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