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Asterisk Phonebook Screenshot

Main Phonebook View

This is the main Phonebook view. On the upper left side you see the search input fields, on the right there are the Dial and Hangup buttons. On the lower left side you see the (filtered and sorted) phone book entries, and on the lower right there is the (filtered) call detail list with additional information about each call while hovering the mouse pointer over an entry.

Finding persons and phone numbers has never been easier. Watch the recent calling history and call back someone simply By clicking on the entry. When filtering numbers or names you are shown the total time spent with this person, which can be interesting for client accounting purposes.

Besides the normal phone book view, there is a special "unknown numbers" mode that shows not yet named phone numbers sorted by call frequency. This is ideally suited for manual phone book maintenance. As soon as you assign a name to a specific number, this name will show up on all phones on incoming calls and it also replaces the numbers in the call detail list (CDR) including all previous entries.

Because Asterisk has direct access to the phone book, it is even possible to assign name tags, causing the associated calls to be processed accordingly. These tagged numbers may be used to automatically route calls to a separate phone group, put them on a special waiting queue or even discard them. This tagged approach has clear advantages over a programmed approach, since members of a workgroup may decide ad hoc how to handle incoming calls whithout needing any knowledge of Asterisk or an Asterisk PBX management tool. You can decide if everyone is allowed to update phone book names, or whether this must be done by an administrator.

The GEOTEK Phonebook was designed with useability and appealing visual impression as an important development goal. Leaving out unnecessary graphic gimmics resulted in optimal use of valuable browser space, which is especially evident in the dedicated mobile phone book modes.

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Phonebook View
Phonebook View

Search Fields
Search Entry


Asterisk Phonebook Tools

PDA View (Pocket PC)
PDA View (Pocket PC)

PDA Voicemail View (Pocket PC)
PDA Voicemail View (PPC)

Trunk and Phone Status
Trunk and Phone Status

Asterisk Mini Dialer window
Asterisk Mini Dialer

User Manual

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