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GEOTEK Phonebook - Voicemail

This is where you can listen to the answering machine and voicemail messages and where you can delete, move, archive or forward those messages to other users. The display window shows two mailboxes at the same time: The mailbox on the left side is primarily intended for the central answering machine, the right mailbox may be used to subscribe to any other mailbox, but it will most likely be used to show your personal mailbox.

If you want to subscribe to a specific mailbox, enter the it's number in the mailbox number field and press the green O.K. symbol beneath. Your personal mailbox number is usually identical to your extension number.

Note: If your administrator has configured a central answering machine, it is not possible to deselect it in the left mailbox, but you are free to alter the mailbox number to the right. If you delete the number, it will automatically be populated with your personal mailbox number again.

Incoming voicemail messages appear automatically in the Inbox first. Listen to a message by clicking on the green Play-Button. Pressing the Play-Button again will stop the playback.

Note: If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer it is possible to listen to voicmails right away. Because other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, do not have built in sound support, you must install a sound plugin in order to listen to voicemails with these browsers. We recommend intalling the Apple Quicktime Standalone Player, which automatically installs the needed Firefox plugin. If installed correctly, any Browser should be able to play voicemails directly upon clicking the Play butten. If a download box or any other player window opens up, your sound plugin is not installed correctly! When you click on a Play button for the first time, it may take some time for the sound plugin to be initialized in the background. This is normal and can be avoided by pre-loading the Player-Software on computer start.

Folders are used to organize and archive voicemail messages on the server. Click on the upmost folder symbol to create a new folder. You can quickly move voicemail messages by hovering the mouse pointer over the folder symbol beneath each messge and click on the desired destination folder. By clicking on the leftmost folder symbol, the associated folder can be deleted if it is empty.

As soon as a voicemail message arrives in one ouf your subscribed mailboxes, the Mailbox menu item will eiter blink or is marked yellow. On SIP phones with correctly configured voicemail LED there will also be a visual notification. These voicemail notifications will be visible until the voicemails are either delete, moved to s folder or forwarded to another user.

Each voicemail shows the telephone number (or associated name) of the caller, if available. Clicking on this entry will cause the main phone book window to open, with the selected number being populated ready for callback. If the number is known to the phone book database, the name is automatically put into the name filter instead, so that you may choose between several callback numbers of this person.


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