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GEOTEK Phonebook - Tools

This is the Administration Tools area of GEOTEK Phonebook. Most management functions are password protected and available to authorized persons only, while some are open to every phone book user.

User Functions

Select Language

This allows you to change the interface language of GEOTEK Phonebook. This selection is valid only for your computer and takes precedence over the default language that should already be centrally configured so that it will fit the majority of users at your location.

Server Status

This will open up a new window showing detailed status information about SIP and IAX providers and the Asterisk server itself.  More...

CDR Database

This informs you about how many records are contained in the CDR database, the date of the oldest CDR entry available to GEOTEK Phonebook, and how big the Asterisk CDR database and History Buffer have grown. If automatic archiving is not shown as enabled, you must manually take care that CDR files are regularily cleared or rotated, otherwise your PHP server will eventually run out of memory!


This enty lists the number of entries in the Asterisk phone book database.

PHP Server

The GEOTEK Phonebook application runs as a PHP program on your Asterisk server. If this entry shows your PHP server to use more than about 20,000 kBytes of memory, then the phone book application is configured incorrectly, which may cause performance problems.


The version number of your running Asterisk server and the Asterisk uptime are shown here. The Linux uptime can be found in the PBX Status page. Your Phonebook version number is listed in the footer line of each page.

Admin Functions

These functions are available only after successful administrator login.

Export CSV

Allows to export the complete phone book database into a CSV formatted file. The file format includes a header line and a semicolon as delimiting character. This can be changed with the csv_separator value in config.php, which will effect both export and import format. Special characters, such as Umlauts, are UTF-8 coded. Here is an example for an export file with three phone entries:

"01728714277";"Dennis Meier"
"01732345903";"Diana Braunschweig"
"01734973343";"Helmut Tucholsky"

Clicking on the Download button will store this CSV file at a location of your choice. Use this export function regularity in order to make backups of your phone book database!

Import CSV

This allows you to import phone book data from a CSV formatted file, as it can be generated with most address book or spreadsheet software. Formatting is identical to the CSV Export function mentioned earlier, making it easy to re-import previous backups.

Browse to the location of the CSV file to be imported, then press Read to display all contained data records. At this point, the database is not yet altered in any way. You now have the chance to deselect any entries that you do not want to be imported. Only after pressing Import will the data be actually imported.  More...

Import LDAP

This import method allows you to send an online query to an LDAP server and import the returned numbers directly without saving them to a file or converting them in any way. The LDAP source may be a Novell eDirectory server (Netware, Open Enterprise Server), a Microsoft Exchange server, a Microsoft Windows 2003 server or any other LDAP data source.  More...

Import Phones

Here you can import all local SIP and IAX (more specific: IAX2) phone extensions that are known to Asterisk, including descriptive names found in Asterisk phone configuration. This will work no matter how complex Asterisk is configured to get the local phones. Only after pressing Import will the selected entries be actually imported into the phone book.  Mehr...

Erase Phonebook

This will erase the complete phone book database.

Caution: Always make a backup with the CSV export function before applying this command as this operation is non-reversible!

Dialer Test

This is simply a demo link that can be used as a template for integrating the Mini Dialer into other applications. In order to start a new Mini Dialer window pre-populated with the number 12345, the external application must generate the following URL:

http://MyServer/phone book/dialer.php?cid=12345&name=Angela

As you can see, the phone number is simply passed via HTTP GET. The added name is optional, but it can be used to manually save it into the database using the main phone book window.


This is a convenient web editor to modify the main configuration file config.php. All GEOTEK Phonebook configuration tasks can be performed here.  More...

Software Update

Use this function to conveniently update your GEOTEK Phonebook software to a newer version. All previous configuration settings will be retained and new entries are added to the configuration file.  More...


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