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GEOTEK Phonebook - Server Status

The Server Status page allows you to monitor the registration status of Asterisk trunks and phones. Pressing thr F5 key will cause all status values to be re-tested, otherwise this will happen every few minutes automatically, as with all other Phonebook program pages.

Green LED symbols indicate a Good condition. As long as everything lights up green here, the main health LED on the top right side of each page will also show green. If one or more provider trunks fail, the main health LED will turn yellow. If all providers have failed, the main LED will turn red, which would also be the case upon loss of internet connectivity. Phone status is not relevant for the main health status.

Linux Uptime, Server Load

We are showing here the total Linux uptime, how many linux users are connected (Phonebook users do not count as Linux users, meaning that values of 0 or 1 are normal), as well as a rough indication of the server CPU load.

The server load numbers are the average number of linux jobs being queued, as it occurs when the server is busy with other tasks. The three numbers are representing the statistical average over the last one, 5 and 15 minutes. Numbers of 3 or above indicate a high server load, which could mean that either the server hardware is not able to catch up with demand, or it could point to a software problem.

Trunk Status VoIP Provider

You can see here all configured SIP and IAX2 trunks that are currently configured in Asterisk. The green LED will light up if Asterisk was able to register with this provider. The shown name is the result of a reverse DNS query.

By clicking on an IP Address you can start an ICMP ping from the Asterisk server to this host. This should be used to test if the server is at least reachable via IP.

Phone Status

This is a list of SIP and IAX2 phones ordered by their extension number. Also listed are the associated phone book name, the phone's IP Address and the technonlogy (iax2 or sip). The status LED indicates the registration status of each phone. Unconnected phones are shown as "-" instead of a red LED, because it is quite common to have more configured extensions than active phones. For this reason, unregistered extensions are not necessarily an error condition.


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