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Main Phonebook View


In the title bar of GEOTEK Phonebook you have the following navigation menu items:

Phone Book  Main Phonebook View
Unknown  Similar to Phonebook View, but showing only unknown numbers
PDA  Mobile view optimized for PDA displays
Voicemail  Voicemail and Answering Machine mailboxes. This menu item blinks or turns yellow if inbox messages are present.
Tools  Configuration, administration and maintenance tools
Manager  Link to your favorite Web Management tool, such as Asterisk PBX Manager
Help  Context sensitive help for the current program page
  Switch for turning answering machine on and off. Only visible if your administrator has configured this feature.
  PBX Trunk Status - green: O.K., yellow: some provider problems, red: complete loss of provider connectivity. Clicking on this LED you will show a detailed server status page.
  Quick Admin Login and Admin / User Status indicator. (New in V.2.3)

Input Fields

Search for Name

This is where you can filter for specific names in the phone book or call detail list. After entering a search string, click on the magnifying glass to set the filter and display the results. Alternatively, you can simply press the ENTER key. ENTER will always trigger the correct function depending on which field was filled out. A search filter can be removed by clicking on the red cross symbol.

If you enter a string like abc, only those entries will be displayed, that contain abc somewhere in the name. If you would like to retrieve only those entries that start with a specific string, append an asterisk after the string, such as: abc*

Search for Number

This is where you can filter for specific number in the phone book or call detail list. After entering a search string, click on the magnifying glass to set the filter and display the results. Alternatively, you can simply press the ENTER key. ENTER will always trigger the correct function depending on which field was filled out. A search filter can be removed by clicking on the red cross symbol.

If you enter a string like 123, only those numbers will be displayed, that contain 123 somewhere within the number. If you would like to retrieve only those numbers that start with some specific digits, append an asterisk after the string, such as: 123*

A-Z Quick Access Bar

If you prefer a more classical phone book view, you can simply click on the starting character of the desired phone book name in the Quick Access Bar. But keep in mind that with this approach you will find Mr. Miller only if he was indeed entered as Miller.. in the phone book and not if he is listed with first name, such as Charles Miller. The previous substring search algorithm is more flexible, because if you enter mill you will definitely find all Millers, no matter how exactly their names were entered. On the other hand, the quick access bar is handy if you order all names starting with the company name, or if you can ensure a strict and consistent naming scheme.

Store - Add, edit and remove phone book entries

These fields are only visible it your administrator allows you to make changes to the phone number database. With the green Plus key you can add the number in the Number field to your database, together with the name in the Name field. The red Minus key allows to remove the selected Number shown in the Numbery field from the phone book database.

Note: The Asterisk phone book is number oriented, which means that each number has one, and only one associated name. If you store an existing number with a different name this will result in changing the associated name rather than having another record. If you change an existing number and alter it, this will result in storing the new entry in addition to the previous one. Because of this, changing a stored phone number requires you to explicitly delete it. Whereas a phone number is always unique, the same name may be given to multiple numbers.


This is the name associated with the Number field and is displayed automatically when you click at a phone book entry. This string will also be saved when storing a number.

With the Filter link below you can filter for this name, which can be used to search for additional phone numbers for this person.


This is the actual phone number that will be dialled by clicking on the Dial button or by pressing ENTER if your cursor is in this field.

This field is automatically filled by clicking on a phone number or when called from another application. Of course you can also manually enter a number here or insert it with Cut and Paste.

Tip: Before the number entered here is actually dialles, GEOTEK Phonebook will automatically strip non-dialable characters and spaces, and it will also add the local area code on local numbers. This allows you to cut and paste numbers from company web pages without the need to manually clean up the number.

With the Filter link below, the number filter is automatically set to this number. This ist most useful to see the call history for this number.

Ext - Extension

Before you can actually make phone calls you have to specify your phone extension here. The number needs to be entered only once as it is remembered even after rebooting your PC. If you are prompted with a password entry box, enter your voicemail password.


By clicking on the green phone symbol you can make a phone call from Ext to Number. Your phone will ring immediately and after you pick up the phone the connection will be established. The call can be cleared by either hanging up the phone or clicking on the red cross beneath the dial button.

If you have an advanced SIP phone that allows automatic call acceptance and if your administrator has configured this feature, it is possible that the call is established immediately without picking up the phone handle or pressing a button on the phone. This is useful if you are using a head set or if the call should be accepted via speaker and microphone, as it does not require you to touch your phone at all.

Please note that the red hangup button only terminates calls initiated with your dialer button, it will not terminate manually dialled calls.

Upon clicking on the Dialer Link, a small Dialer window will appear. This is useful if you do not need the full blown phone book interface for dialing, as it does not obstruct your other desktop windows. It is possible to link this dialer with other applications, so that it comes up automatically pre-filled with the correct number when clicking on a contact in your CRM application or company address book. Your IT administrator may be able to configure this integration.


The current phone book search filter results are shown on the lower left side. By clicking on the column headers you can change the sort order from number to name. Clicking again reverses the ascending / descending sorting direction. For performance reason, the number of lines is trunceted to a predefined number of lines. You may call any number by first clicking on it and then clicking on the phonw symbol.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

On the right side there is a list of the most recent calls. You can see the caller ID (if available), the destination ID, time and duration of the call. Numbers that are listed in the phone book database are automatically replaced by their associated name. Naming a previously unknown number will not only effect future CDR entries but also immediately all previous occurences of this number.

While you hover the mouse pointer over a CDR entry, additional information about this call will be shown, such as caller ID and the Asterisk channel / provider being used.

Any name or number filter will also have an immediate effect on the CDR list. If you search for a specific person you will not only see all associated numbers, but also the calls that have been made from and to this person. It is easy to call back unknown or unanswered calls by simply clicking on the number. While a specific number or name is filtered, the total calling duration of all filtered calls is also listed at the end of the list.

Similar to the phone book list, the CDR list is also limited to a maximum amount of displayed lines. In addition, the complete calling history contains about 5,000 to 10,000 entries maximum. Older CDR entries are automatically archived. If you need CDR analysis that involves archived data, it must be done outside of the phone book application. In the tools menu you can see how far the active CDR history reaches back.

The CDR entries are color coded to better identify certain types of calls: Successful calls from / to your extension are shown in green. Incoming calls which were not answered are shown in red. Calls taken by your collegues and unanswered calls have no background color. (New in V.2.3)

Note: Your phone book application may be configured for privacy mode. In this case, you will only see your own calls and unanswered incoming calls in the call history display.


Main Phonebook View
Unknown Numbers View
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