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GEOTEK Phonebook - Import LDAP

The LDAP Import method allows you to send an online query to an LDAP server and import the returned numbers directly without saving them to a file or converting them in any way. The LDAP source may be a Novell eDirectory server (Netware, Open Enterprise Server), a Microsoft Exchange server, a Microsoft Windows 2003 server or any other LDAP data source.

Look into the default config.php that comes with GEOTEK Phonebook, it contains some examples for query strings and LDAP binds to the different LDAP server classes. Both Novell and Microsoft LDAP servers have the LDAP protocol enabled by default and these servers usually need not be modified in any way to get LDAP queries working. Microsoft servers, however, do not allow anonymous binds without tweaking, so you will need to specify a user name and password to connect to them.

Each of the (contiguous) LDAPxx sections in the configuration file becomes a separate selection item in de LDAP Import dropdown list. There is no limit to the number of LDAP sources. Clicking on the Debug Button helps in troubleshooting LDAP connection problems.

If everything is configured correctly, clicking on the Query Button will show you an ordered list of query results. Only numbers that have a name attribute are shown. Duplicate numbers are automatically deselected and marked duplicate Press the Import Button to import all marked entries into the database or press Cancel to leave it unchanged.

Note: New telephone numbers will be added to the phone book database, existing numbers will be overwritten with the new name, all other records remain untouched. If you intend to replace the complete database, you must erase all contents before importing.


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