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GEOTEK Phonebook - Import CSV

The CSV Import function allows you to import phone book data from a CSV formatted file, as it can be generated with most address book or spreadsheet software.

The CSV file format is identical to the CSV Export function, making it easy to re-import previous backups. It includes a header line and a semicolon as delimiting character. See the csv_separator variable in config.php, which will effect both export and import format. Special characters, such as Umlauts, are UTF-8 coded. Here is an example for an export file with three phone entries:

"01728714277";"Dennis Meier"
"01732345903";"Diana Braunschweig"
"01734973343";"Helmut Tucholsky"

Browse to the location of the CSV file to be imported, then press Read to display all contained data records. At this point, the database is not yet altered. You now have the chance to deselect any entries that you do not want to be imported. Only after pressing Import will the data be actually imported.

Note: New telephone numbers will be added to the phone book database, existing numbers will be overwritten with the new name, all other records remain untouched. If you intend to replace the complete database, you must erase all contents before importing.


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