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GEOTEK Phonebook - Configuration

This is where you can edit the program configuration file config.php which is located in the web server directory of GEOTEK Phonebook, typically <Document Root>/phone book.

This file is in typical .ini file format. There are sections preceded by the section name included in square brackets. Each parameter is followed by an equal sign and its value. A string must be enclosed in double quotes if it contains spaces. For boolean values, yes, on and 1 are synonymous, as are no, off, 0 and an empty string, respectively. Lines starting with a semicolon are considered comments.

While editing this file, a yellow warning sign will show up to remind you that there are changes which have not yet been saved. Applied changes are valid immediately, there is no need to restart your webserver or Asterisk.

Note: Do not change the first two lines, which should read:


Tampering with these lines will cause a security risk as everyone on your LAN could read the contents of this file, including the admin password. In addition, this will cause program errors!

With each applied change we will create a new backup configuration file, named: config_001.php, config_002.php asf.


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