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GEOTEK Phonebook for Asterisk - User Manual


GEOTEK Phonebook is the most popular and andvanced Asterisk based phone book application on the market. In addition to the main phone book functions, it also provides integrated Web Dialer, Call History, Voicemail and PDA features. The software is installed on your Asterisk PBX server can be accessed by any web browser without additional installation or configuration at the client side.

Starting the Phonebook application

All you have to do is to point your favorite web browser to your Asterisk PBX server, using the following URL: http://asterisk-server/phone book
Replace asterisk-server with the IP Address or name of your PBX server. Ask your network administrator for this information. He may already have given you a link, bookmark or ZENworks Icon to access this application.

GEOTEK Phonebook

Use the table of contents on the right to navigate through the documentation. Starting with software Version 2.1.1, the help system is context sensitive and will take you automatically to the correct help page.

Note: The installation handbook for your installed version is accessible for administrators through the Tools / Configuration page..


Main Phonebook View
Unknown Numbers View
Mobile Mode (PDA)
  Server Status
  Import CSV
  Import LDAP
  Import Phones
  Software Update

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