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IAX Softphone for Pocket PC

IAX VoIP telephony with your handheld This new IAX Pocket PC Softphone lets you use your PDA, handheld or similar mobile device as a full featured VoIP Telephone. By using a wireless internet connection (WLAN / Wi-Fi) you get all the cost savings that VoIP offers. If you connect it to your company PBX, there won´t be any telephone or VoIP provider charges and you can be globally reached via one unified extension, no matter whrere you travel.

This softphone allows you to dial directly from your contacts and provides all familiar telephone features, such as calling lists, speed calling, redialing and more.

  • No more firewall problems
    By using the new IAX protocol you can say goodby to the legendary NAT problems that plague all VoIP softphones that use SIP/RTP, such as missing sound in one direction or inability to be called up from outside. For this reason many professional VoIP ISPs have already started offering IAX as a secondary choice for accessing their services.
  • Low cost phone calls from everywhere
    Get rid of expensive mobile and roaming rates and receive incoming calls at no cost, except for a wireless internet connection which is standard at most business places.
  • Be globally reachable via your office extension
    If you connect your PDA with your Asterisk PBX, you will not not even need another VoIP service provider. No more secondary numbers or complicated call routing. People may call you directly by dialling your familiar company extension, just as if you were sitting in your office, no matter where you actually are.
  • Free demo version
    Try out IAX Softphone now by installing our demo version. You can even make free test calls using a predefined IAX gateway.

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IAX Softphone for Pocket PC

Technical Requirements

Windows Mobile 2003, 2005
300MHz CPU or better
Microphone, earplug recom.
Wireless internet connection IAX provider or IAX PBX

US$ 29,95   Buy

Introductory price

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