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Asterisk Phonebook

GEOTEK Phonebook for Asterisk The GEOTEK Phonebook software is a unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Asterisk. It gives users easy access to Voicemail, Caller History, a Web Dialer and an advanced Asterisk Phonebook. The application works on any web browser, including mobile devices (Pocket PC), and itīs ergonomic features clearly set it apart from any similar software on the market.

It installs in minutes on any Asterisk server and will coexist with other management software, such as Trixbox, PBX Manager, FOP or other popular management tools. It has a cute, ergonomically designed web interface that allows to look up phone numbers and to modify and update the Asterisk caller database, so that callers can be identified by name on all SIP telephones. The most recent incoming calls are listed with caller names up front. Phone numbers may be imported from other applications or even retrieved online via LDAP from Microsoft Exchange or Novell eDirectory servers. By clicking on the telephone number a call can be initiated without the need for MS-TAPI or any client software.

The software may be used as a central phone book for smaller companies, as an add-on for existing company address applications, as a tool to specifically deal with CallerID identification in Asterisk, as a reliable click-to-dial application that may easily be integrated into other application, or as a cute tool to access voicemails and place calls on mobile devices.

  • Certified to work with Asterisk 1.4.x, 1.6.x and PHP 5.2
  • Easy Installation:
    Can be installed in minutes on any Asterisk server, even without special Linux or Asterisk knowledge. It needs an Apache Server with PHP, which is usually preinstalled on most Asterisk servers. A SQL server is not required since we use the Asterisk internal database for phone book storage. Software upgrades are installed via web interface.
  • Pure Web Application
    No ActiveX, Java, Flash plugins or other client software needed. Runs on Firefox, Internet Explorer and on practically any other Web Browser with JavaScript support.
  • Ergonomic Search Functions
    Phone numbers can be found quickly by entering parts of the number or the name. Filtered results may also be ordered by name or number. For people preferring the classic phone book presentation there is an a-z quick access bar.
  • Integrated Asterisk Dialer (Click-to-Dial)
    Telephone numbers can be called simply by clicking on them in the web interface. You can even make and cancel calls without touching your telephone at all or make a direct intercom call if your phone already supports this advanced SIP feature. As an alternative to the main program window there is a mini dialer that is also ideal for integrating Asterisk with other applications.
  • Intelligent Number Conditioning
    Most numbers found on websites or company directories are not suited for direct dialing because they contain spaces, slashes, brackets etc. GEOTEK Dialer automatically strips off those extra characters and adds or removes leading area codes or long distance prefixes.
  • Central Answering Machine  
    Are you missing the simplicity of a classical answering machine in your Asterisk solution? Your users will love to get back this functionality with GEOTEK Phonebook.
  • Voice Mailbox Support  
    Access two Voice Mailboxes simultaneously via web browser. You may play, delete, organize and forward voicemails and get notified on arrival of new voice messages. You may listen to voicemails even on a pocket pc or similar mobile device!
  • Pocket PC / Mobile Device Support (QVGA)  
    Specifically designed 320x240 QVGAmobile mode allows to use the Asterisk Phonebook, Web Dialer and Voicemail Application from the Pocket Internet Explorer included in Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005 without the need to install any additional software or plugins.
  • Flexible Phonebook Data Import and Export
    Import and export phone book data via standard CSV files and import telehone numbers online via LDAP protocol from Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Novell NDS, Groupwise or any other LDAP directory. Unlimited number of configurable LDAP data sources, selective imports and integrated LDAP Debug function. SIP and IAX2 Phones (extensions) known to Asterisk can be directly imported, including their name, no matter if they are defined statically or dynamically loaded from an SQL database.
  • Call Detail List (CDR)
    See all recent calling activity with names instead of numbers where available, or show only "my connections". You may allow users to update the database by simply clicking on an unknown telephone number and entering a descriptive name. Call back unknown numbers by simply clicking on their number in the call detail list.
  • CDR Auto Archiving  
    Log files can easily fill up disk space on your asterisk server if no action is taken. GEOTEK Phonebook has a unique auto archiving mechanism that compresses old CDR data while still allowing to see the recent call history at any time. This function is built in and enabled by default, so there is no need to fiddle around with nasty batch scripts or cron jobs.
  • Unkown Number Mode
    This mode filters all incoming and outgoing calls that have not yet been named, sorted by call count or by number. It can be used to manually update the names database. All filters work not only on the phone database but on the call records as well.
  • Ready for Terminal Server environments (Thin Clients)
    Because nothing needs to be installed at the client side, the GEOTEK Phonebook is ideally suited as a dial application from thin clients and mobile devices.
  • Works with almost any Asterisk installation
    Asterisk@home / Trixbox, PBX Manager and generic Asterisk installationa are directly supported, but the software should work with most other Asterisk installations as well. Your favourite Management Web GUI can be directly accessed via main menu, if desired.
  • Easy adaption to specific needs
    The Asterisk Phonebook is a PHP application, allowing for easy modification and extension.
  • Multi Language Interface
    GEOTEK Phonebook comes with English and German languages preinstalled. Messages are contained in separate, user editable language files, allowing easy localization for other languages.
  • Concurrent User Licensing
    The software is licensed for a maximum number of concurrent phonebook web users, the number of phones, mailboxes or phone numbers is not lmited. Consumed licenses are automatically released after a couple hours if no longer used.
  • Support and Documentation
    Licensed customers receive free email support in addition to our GEOTEK Phonebook Support Forum.

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Asterisk Phonebook Tools

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PDA View (Pocket PC)

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